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Bette Graham

Biographical Sketch of Bette Graham
Originally printed by The Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas, TX 1980 Also includes excerpts from North Texas State University Oral History Collection #10, “Interview with Bette Graham,” by Dr. Floyd Jenkins and Dr. Ruth Anderson, August 3, 1977.

Dallas has had its share of outstanding business and professional women, but never has there been anyone else quite like Bette C. Graham. Courageous, bright, innovative, persistent, she proved that a woman could make it in the business world. To invent something is one thing; to market it is another. Bette Graham did both and became famous the world over as the inventor of Liquid Paper, the correction fluid that is a staple among office supplies.

She was born March 23, 1924 in Dallas, Texas to Christine Duval and Jesse McMurray. She was raised in San Antonio, TX and attended Alamo Heights School (grades 1 - 12). After graduating from high school, Graham married a soldier, Warren Nesmith. She gave birth to her only child, Michael Nesmith. In 1946 she divorced her husband. From that point she was the sole provider for herself and her son.

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