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The Council on Ideas
An operating program of the Gihon Foundation

The Gihon Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1978 by Bette C. Graham, the inventor of Liquid Paper correction fluid. It is named for the Gihon River mentioned in the Old Testament (Genesis 2:10-14). The implementation of inspired, productive ideas has been the purpose of the Gihon Foundation since its inception.

The Council on Ideas was established and is funded by the Gihon Foundation. The Council consists of between three and five distinguished persons who serve for one year. They meet for the purpose of considering and recommending action on what they judge to be the most important issue of our time.

This program began when the Trustees of the Gihon Foundation realized that the progress of mankind is the result of the deliberation of thoughtful men and women who pondered the issues of the day and resolved those issues with solutions that have given fresh impetus to our lives. Throughout history, the power of ideas has been recognized as the power which can lift humanity beyond the effects of genetics, environment or mere chance.

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