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With this in mind, the Gihon Foundation has established a retreat in the beautiful Nambé Valley, 20 miles north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here, in these inspiring surroundings, the members of the Council on Ideas meet and deliberate. At the meeting, the Council makes an effort to identify the issue which they feel deserves the most attention by society. A position paper is drafted containing a statement of this issue and recommendations for specific action which should be taken. The statement is then disseminated to the public by the Gihon Foundation through various means including its website

The members of the Council are appointed by a selection committee and the Trustees of the Gihon Foundation from a list of nominees submitted by the Resource Committee and alumni during the previous year. In addition to making nominations, the Resource Committee also provides a list of possible agendas for the Council's meeting, which is sent to the appointed members of the Council on Ideas in advance of the Council meeting.


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